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How to finance your electric truck ?

We know that one of the barriers for our customer to “switch to electric” is the price of the truck, and the impact on their overall business model. We understand that we need to support them with finance solutions, adapted to their needs. As the captive of the Volvo Group, we know and trust the Renault Trucks product range, and we believe in the future of the alternative fuel vehicles. We are therefore willing to accompany our customer in their electric vehicle choice, and propose appropriate finance & insurance solutions, whilst some external finance providers might be more reluctant because of the lack of insights on the electric vehicles. It is our role, as truck manufacturer and captive finance provider, to make sure these vehicles answer our customers need and stay competitive.

What are the options ?

“First of all it’s important to think and discuss finance and insurance solutions with our customers early in the purchasing process”, says Jean-Francesco Haechler, Managing Director of “Renault Trucks Financial Services” in Switzerland, who recently financed 20 D-Wide Electric vehicles.

In the coming years, we don’t believe that our customers will take the risk of the ownership and buy their electric vehicle with their own funds nor finance it using a standard installment credit.

Their main concerns is not only the price of the trucks, but also the uncertainty about the future resale value and ability to resell the truck. Our customers are therefore often looking for solution without ownership, with a clear vision of the total costs for the coming years, without any bad surprises. The most suitable finance solutions are therefore finance lease, operating lease or long term rental solutions, depending on the customer’s truck usage and specific needs. Tax advantages depending on the ownership can also be a decisive factor in finding the most suitable finance solution.

When discussing their needs and truck utilization with Carlsberg, we investigated several scenarios in terms of lengths and down payment in order to find the best solution for them.  “What made the difference at the end was our competitive total offer, with a big flexibility”.

What about the cost of the battery?

If the customer might need a second battery (depending on the usage), we can also consider that from the beginning, in order to avoid unplanned costs. We can for example include the second battery in the initial offer, in order to spread the cost over the whole life cycle of the truck. Or we could plan to adjust the leasing contract depending if a second battery is needed or not, after a certain number of years. We are also investigating new specific finance solution for electric vehicle, for example by separating the ownership of the battery and the truck.

Renault Trucks UK, together with an external partner (Wagonex) have launched an online subscription platform, a new & flexible solutions to test the Master ZE, without the constraints and risks of buying it.

Regarding insurance products, we have the similar insurance products for electric vehicles as for diesel vehicles – both to protect the investment and the vehicle.

To conclude, electric trucks are still very new on the truck market, and we learn along the road, together with our customers. Each customer is unique, and there is no “one fit all” solution. We work hand in hand between Renault Trucks and RTFS to fit our customer’s needs and become the leader in this segment.